Mission Statement

The purpose of BBC News Bias is to expose bias and propaganda within BBC domestic and world news. As new examples arise, the various propaganda techniques utilised by the BBC will be progressively deconstructed. These techniques are employed by media organisations around the world, and their relevance extends beyond the scope of British broadcasting.

As a general rule, the greater the distance between a news-worthy event and its audience, the greater the level of bias and fabrication in the reporting of the story. Thus, much of the news discussed in this blog will concern international events.

Punch through BBC bias
Image Source: pakorn
Propaganda shouldn't be tolerated on any news medium. In particular, state-regulated institutions such as the BBC should exercise the highest standards. Whether a media outlet is state-funded or independent, history has taught us of the dangers of government-media partnerships. 

The dissemination of news should be factual and unbiased. When these standards are not met, and bias is congruent with government policy, the risks become too great to ignore. A government that moderates the media is a government interested in control, not representation. Whether the risks are real or not, the mission of this blog is to prevent such a state of control from being achieved.

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